The Prostate is important for sexual and urinary function in men. The
prostate is responsible for creating the seminal fluid, which sperm
 need to get to their final destination. If the prostate gland is enlarged,
several reasons, it can cause uncomfortable and embarrassing symptoms, such as
incontinence.  Prostatitis is a condition that affects the prostate and causes swelling and
irritation. It is often the result of an infection and may be recurrent; can
cause urgency and burning when urinating. There may be pain or pressure in the rectum due to
the location of the prostate. Other symptoms include fever, chills, discharge
during bowel movements or decreased libido.
Like all other organs, the prostate works best when it has all the
vitamins and minerals you need. Those who can not eat a diet
balanced daily can consider taking a supplement like prostalix.