Collagen is the natural protein that is made up of amino acids, the blocks of
natural construction of our skin. It is the most abundant structural protein
in the body, it represents 75% of the total protein of the body and is found in the
skin, muscles, tendons and bones.
As your natural supply of collagen begins to decrease from
At age 25, taking a collagen supplement can help maintain a
Juvenile complexion and optimal well-being. Collagen with Resveratrol capsules stimulate the
Natural collagen production of the skin and increase the elasticity of the skin.
When taken regularly, the skin becomes noticeably firmer and the
wrinkles and fine lines are significantly reduced, and it is believed that nails and
Hair follicles are strengthened by up to 36%. Collagen with Resveratrol benefits the skin, the
hair and nails, also helps muscle and joint regeneration,
working collectively to release essential amino acids and proteins that
work to rebuild the skin cells and stimulate the production of
collagen of the body.

Colageno Capsules

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