Arnica, Arnica montana, also called sneeze or mountain tobacco, is a perennial herbaceous plant native to Europe where it grows wild and can reach up to half a meter in height. Arnica belongs to the botanical family of the Asteraceae, just like chamomile and marigold or marigold.

The arnica or sneeze has a pleasant aroma similar to chamomile and its flowers are yellow and very showy. The flowers are mainly used in a variety of home remedies due to the medicinal properties of arnica, followed by roots and rhizomes.

Arnica is used for medicinal purposes mainly externally applying cataplasms, ointments, tinctures, infusions, etc. Although it has traditionally been used internally as well, it is advisable to limit or avoid the internal use of arnica and restrict it to mouth rinses or gargles and external use.

In this article we will know the active principles and the medicinal action of arnica, what is good for its uses and benefits for the health of its use.


Active principles and medicinal action of Arnica or sneeze
This plant has triterpenes, phenols, flavonoids, coumarins, phytosterols, tannins, carotenes and bitter principles such as arcinine.

Arnica has a powerful anti-inflammatory, fungicidal, astringent, febrifuge, platelet antiaggregant, cardiotonic, vulnerary, antispasmodic, rubefacient, antibiotic, choleretic, antihistamine, healing, immunostimulant, sedative and analgesic.


14 properties and medicinal uses of Arnica or mountain tobacco
benefits arnica1.- This medicinal plant is a natural remedy for dislocations, beating, trauma and sprains. It is applied externally in the form of a poultice, making an ointment or oil infused with arnica.

2.- Recover the health of your skin with arnica. This plant improves the cases of irritation, pruritus, acne or eczema. Prepare an infusion and apply it locally. Or we can opt for oil, poultices or ointments.

3.- Arnica helps us to alleviate neuronal, articular, rheumatic and muscular pain.

4.- It is a useful medicinal plant to regulate skin or scalp fat with seborrhea.

5.- Arnica can help to prevent alopecia.

6.- Accelerates recovery in cases of thrombophlebitis and edema caused by trauma.

7.- If we do mouth rinses with the infusion or tincture of arnica we will maintain an optimal oral health.

8.- Arnica is beneficial for bruising or bruising.

9.- It facilitates the good wound healing by massaging the area with arnica oil.

10.- Dry sneezing flowers are used to decongest the respiratory tract

11.- The external application of mountain tobacco improves hemorrhoids.

12.- Another of the medicinal actions of arnica is that it has a sedative effect.

13.- To lower the fever, apply a cloth dipped in arnica infusion on the head.

14.- Improves rigidity and movement by reducing inflammation and pain.

This medicinal plant is not recommended during pregnancy or lactation.

This is general information. To know how to use or take this plant consult a health professional who can give you some guidelines for use according to your medical history and your particular needs.

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